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I am a bookdealer, and I found a title my customer wants. What抯 the best way to order it?

Since we offer standard bookseller discounts on all our titles, it would be best to contact us at the following email: You may also fax your order to 845 758 2634.

I found the book I抦 looking for on your site, but I need an invoice to make payment. How do I get one?

No problem. Email your order to, and we will send you a detailed pro forma invoice you can use to pay.

I want to get a single paper from this conference, but I don抰 want the whole book. Can I get it through Curran Associates?

Most publishers that we print proceedings for already offer individual paper sales on their websites. Please either browse by publisher on our site to see if we offer "Individual Paper" for that publisher, or type "individual paper" into our search bar to see which publishers turn up. Otherwise, please try the publishers website. If you are looking for a paper from an IEEE conference, you can get it on IEEE XPlore: For papers from non-IEEE events, you should contact the conference sponsor directly and ask if there is a way to get a single paper.

I抦 looking for IEEE proceedings from before 2006. Why aren抰 they on your site?

Before IEEE partnered with Curran Associates for print on demand conference proceedings, IEEE titles would go out-of-print (OP) after three years. All proceedings from 2006 forward will remain available well into the future, but the older books are no longer available as complete sets.

I can find the proceedings of last year抯 conference, but not this year抯. What do I do?

We are adding new conferences to our catalog all the time, but sometimes it takes a little while to get the papers from the conference organizer. If the proceedings you抮e looking for aren抰 on our website yet, send an email to, and we抣l let you know when they become available.

I followed a link from IEEE that said proceedings are available through Curran Associates, but the page on your site says the title I want is Not Yet Available. Why is that?

All current IEEE conference proceedings will become available through Curran Associates, but sometimes not until a few weeks after the conference梤oughly the same delay as on IEEE XPlore. Send us an email, though, to, and let us know what titles you want; we抣l get back to you as soon as they抮e ready.

I haven抰 received my complimentary proceedings copy from a conference I registered for. Is Curran Associates the place to go?

We provide a post-conference availability for proceedings, ensuring they never go out of print. If you were promised a set of proceedings by the conference organizer, you should contact them directly.

Courier shipping is expensive. Why do you use UPS?

UPS shipments are guaranteed and trackable, ensuring that you get what you paid for in a timely manner. Like many mail-order retailers, we receive a discount from UPS. Unlike others, however, we pass it on to our customers, to save you money梞ore than 50% on international orders.

How long will it take to get my books?

We have a print-on-demand facility, but we are also dedicated to timely service. Most orders ship from our print shop within three business days of payment.

I ordered this year抯 proceedings, and I抦 going to want next year抯, too. What should I do?

Let us know in an email to, and we抣l tell you when they become available.

I have a question, but I can抰 find it on this list. Can you help?

Send it in an email to, or give us a call at 845 758 0400. We look forward to hearing from you.


Our members are happy with electronic delivery, so why should we bother to provide print?

It抯 true, most members prefer electronic, but for a variety of reasons, there are still researchers and libraries that have a preference or need for print. And most professional associations consider dissemination of their research a part of their mission. If a partner such as Curran Associates can produce print at no cost to the association, then everybody wins.

Do we lose our rights when we allow Curran to print our proceedings?

No. Under an agreement with Curran Associates, you retain all your rights, and grant Curran permission to make a print version for the few customers out there who still need print.

We offer our proceedings free, as open access on the web. Why should there be a print version that costs money?

For some, there is nothing better than open access. But in this very large world, there are still libraries and researchers who have a need for print, and do not have the means to print and bind them. Since most professional societies consider the dissemination of their research as a strategic priority, why deny a segment of the research community, even if it抯 a shrinking segment?

If we make conference proceedings available on, will people stop coming to our conference?

We cannot control attendance, but the majority of the proceedings we print are supplied to research libraries that are not typical candidates for attending conferences. Most of our publishing partners consider dissemination of their research to these libraries as a strategic priority.

Does Curran抯 on-demand print version compete with our electronic version?

No. We typically set the list price of the print on demand version higher than the price of the electronic version. If any customers want a CD or online version, we don抰 try to change their mind.

We like the idea of Curran printing certain conference proceedings, but not all of them. Can we partner for selected conferences only?

Yes. An agreement with Curran Associates can be as narrow or as broad as you like, and may be amended in the future if the situation changes.

If we need print copies to hand out at our conference, can Curran print for us?

Yes. We offer competitive rates for pre-conference sales. If you give us electronic files of the accepted papers a few weeks in advance of the conference, and let us know how many you need and where the conference will be held, we can ship them right to the venue for you. For details of how this would work in your case, send an email to

If we want Curran to print, are there minimum quantity requirements?

We are set up to print as few as one copy at a time. This means there are no minimums, and neither you nor the customer will be charged for making books nobody needs.

We want to go green, reducing waste and minimizing environmental impact. Why should we let Curran make print?

Because we run a print-on-demand facility, and are set up to print as few as one copy of a book at a time, waste is minimized. We don抰 set out to produce extra stock, and we don抰 print books customers don抰 need. Some printers make you produce five, ten, or twenty copies even if only one is needed; we maintain a small and efficient footprint.

Can we provide a link on our website to our proceedings on Curran抯 online store?

Yes, we can provide a link to your society抯 titles on

Can we send our members/customers to you for fulfillment?

Yes. Send them to, or have them send an email inquiry to

If we send our members to Curran, can they receive member discounts?

Yes. A number of societies offer reduced rates for proceedings as a member benefit, and we are happy to help. Provide us your member and non-member pricing, and we will create a drop-down pricing box for each proceedings title. Members are asked to enter their member number when ordering. To make arrangements for special member pricing, just let us know when discussing the print agreement with us.

I have a question, but I can抰 find it on this list. Can you help?

Send it in an email to, or give us a call at 845 758 0400. We look forward to hearing from you.

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